Why The Party will win the elections once again


Macedonia will hold early parliamentary election in three weeks time. So far, I have not expressed my opinion and thoughts on this matter. I believe that people who will read this article are perfectly aware of the real reason for this election and that they are not surprised by the fact that the election will take place this year.

Regardless of the opinion polls that are published on a daily basis or the programs and meetings of every party, I am sure that The Party will win again. I am not sure about the number of MPs seats that they would win, but I am positive that they will form the new government.
Here’s why.

1. People in Macedonia pay absolutely no attention to their rights. They don’t care about the abortion law, the restrictions on alcohol sales after 7 PM, the media law, the law on civil liability for insult and defamation, and a whole bunch of other laws that limit their rights and freedom of speech.

2. Life in Macedonia is still good. In other words, those who work in the dominant public sector get their salaries on time. The same can be said about senior citizens and their pensions. The subsidies are also paid without any delays. The majority of citizens in Macedonia get their salaries regularly, so it’s only natural that they will vote for The Party again; After all, The Party is generous towards various groups of citizens.

Since 2006, The Party has been using smart (a least for them ) politics. It has created many groups of citizens that are dependent on the state. The party is winning the votes of the people in 3 ways:

The most popular way of winning votes is by means of nationalism. Since 2006, the members of The Party have been declaring themselves patriots and people who are always ready to protect Macedonia and all things Macedonian. They have made countless claims that Macedonia will not change its name, even if it’s just to irritate all Greeks, Bulgarians, and every other “enemy” of the country. You may find me strange, but I believe that The Party wins a tiny percentage of votes by expressing nationalistic views.

Another way of winning votes is by employing people in state companies. According to the EU, the administration should not consist of over 90.000 employees. And yet, Macedonia has approximately 200.000 employees in this sector. Simply put, The Party has employed too many people in the administration, as well as the state companies, winning many votes in the process. Additionally, The Party doesn’t have to threaten any of these employees with expulsion in case they don’t vote for it; Each and every single one of them knows that if another party wins the election, they will lose their job. Hence, the employees in the administration will vote for The Party. It’s like they feel indebted to The Party, and they feel that if they pay their debts, they will keep their friends… and job.
The same can be said about public enterprises. It’s an open secret that they are dealing with the issue of overemployment and it’s the main reason for their debts. The Party is aware of the issue, but it doesn’t consider it a problem. A clear example of this is the employment of over 1600 people in “Makedonski Shumi”, (not) by random choice. After the whole charade was over, The Party decided to grant “Makedonski Shumi” debt relief of 40 million Euros.

The third way, and probably the most efficient of the three, is by making people feel as if they owe everything they have to The Party. The Party has successfully achieved this effect by increasing welfare, providing subsidies and increasing the benefits and pensions for senior citizens. As a result, farmers think that the subsidies are actually paid with money from The Party and they get the impression that The Party is acting in a humane manner. The same opinion is shared among seniors and those eligible for welfare. What these people fail to realize is that the money comes directly from the pockets of every citizen of the Republic of Macedonia.

How did The Party get so much money, in order to create the aforementioned groups of citizens?

The answer can be summed up in one word: Credit.
During its 8-year rule, The Party has succeeded in making Macedonia owe millions and millions of Euros. Just this morning, I read that Macedonia had a gross external debt of 2.2 billion dollars back in 2006. Last year, that same debt was 5.1 billion dollars (source: emagazin.mk).

The Party can make Macedonia owe even more money and that’s one of the reasons why the majority of citizens still have a decent life. The salaries in the public sector, the pensions for the seniors, as well as the subsidies for the farmers are never late. The same is true when it comes to paying mothers who give birth to a third child, or providing people with welfare. There are no delays. To conclude, these are the groups of citizens that provide The Party with most of the votes.
One can’t deny the fact that the population of the Republic of Macedonia is politically and financially uneducated. Macedonian people don’t know anything about The Party’s dirty tricks that serve to make its members richer. The Party’s propaganda is obviously bearing fruit, as the citizens have been taught to remain silent and not raise their voice against the activities that occur within The Party. People are not aware that one day, everyone in Macedonia will be forced to pay the consequences and save as much money as possible, due to The Party’s “humane” character. The population has no idea that it has been stripped of many basic rights during these last 8 years.

The people of Macedonia are ignorant, whereas The Party knows how to take full advantage of it, making its victory a safe bet. And And while the partys victory has already been secured, what awaits us is a future that can be described as insecure.