Животот на еден електраш by Google Translate

See also the lanes internet web-like all students boast that their university was the best, had fun so on. And almost everywhere I hear that the electron has attended many, that elektrashite was such or such. Well it is not. Let me pretsavam the life of a plant.

For elektrashite valid one: that they do not have sex and bad boyfriends.
Error. Sex in elektrashite is versatile and quite often. It is available in many colors, sizes and shapes.

Integral have sex – That’s when a woman thinks you’re in a shvalerkata shvalerkata think you’re home and you’re reading room ustvari and solve integrals.

After you have called the sex equation. It’s a day when the reading room solve equations of mathematical induction with two unknown elektrashki.
Sex occurs in the following form: Theory of Relativity – When an orgasm when you finally manage to solve one task in physics with no assistance. Is that your sex!

Then have sex and programming – When writing and writing lines and lines of code not checking that you have error when play finally to compile your task without error. Experiencing repeated orgasms in a row.

Besides sex Electro has pretty nice girls. No Mocking the side really has very beautiful girls who can split into several groups: girls with mustaches, girls bet big mustache and mustache wearing girl with him.

Complete Electro is not difficult. The most difficult will be the first 4 years and when you fail to overwrite the second petition is easier.

There’s another stereotype that is wrong. Elektrashite not know how to have fun.
For me as a plant we are most fun people in the world. Well you know what fun it is to solve a task Kirchhof law and finally it turn out correct? Do you know normally you hear elektrashi.Chesto and Elektrashite were too busy and did not protrude. Yet another thing that is wrong. Elektrashite izlgevuvaat each vecher.Najchesto are coming out in the reading room of the faculty and sometimes the reading room of the other faculties.

There have been several unconfirmed cases when Elektrashi were observed in the cafe. Witnesses say they were recognized to be Elektrashi in that there were quite scripts, notebooks and calculators on the table with sedele.Isto also another important feature to recognize was that spoke a strange language incomprehensible to others.

Important information: If you notice these people in your environment immediately call our newsroom as it may be the first documented case of a plant out of its natural environment or outside of a library.

To be brief, Elektrashkiot life is very interesting. Sex and fun in bezprekin 24/7 a week.

PS If you ever stop by the Electrical and view Elektrashite as nekoaj work in classroom is important to know that you do not want to be observed by strangers persons.For your own good avoid them because they can see you and attack you to fly integrals, equations and Electrical laws which are deadly and there is no anti-venom.

Author: Rubin Jovanovski

Part 2 will follow only spend kolokviumskata weeks ..


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